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Full-Stack Programs

Follow an end-to-end approach from mastering the technology, to getting recruited as an expert.
Hardware integration for robotics and automation
Data Science
Master the skill and become a proficient data scientist
Cloud Computing
Upskill yourself and become a cloud migration expert

Technology Courses

Learn & acquire the most in-demand technical skills and advance your career.
Amazon Web Services: Architect associate
Learn key concepts and best practices to deploy, operate and manage multiple platform as a services with AWS.
DevOps: Open-Source methodology
Learn best practices and strategies to create the optimal workflow between the Development and Operational teams.
IoT: Internet of Things with networking fundamentals
Connection to devices and creating a human-centric communication with technology.


Be prepared for a rigorous program, that offers consistency, discipline, and accountability.
By the end of these tracks, you will have the skills to conquer your career, or your money back.

Learning at LearnAlumni

Earn a valuable certificate

Work on a real company project and receive an experience certificate signed by the employer(company) and LearnAlumni in collaboration.

Follow the right career path

We understand that everyone’s journey is different. So let our industry veteran trainers analyse your current career state and guide you with the right approach forward.

Master the technology

Work towards becoming a specialist, to demonstrate competency in the subject area and a level of achievement that will grow your career to new heights.

Get Hired right here

Through our internal LearnAlumni campus, appear for exclusive job interviews and get coached by our experts to successfully gain your desired recruitment.

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