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Technology Courses

Learn & acquire the most in-demand technical skills and advance your career.
Amazon Web Services: Architect associate
Learn key concepts and best practices to deploy, operate and manage multiple platform as a services with AWS.
DevOps: Open-Source methodology
Learn best practices and strategies to create the optimal workflow between the Development and Operational teams.
IoT: Internet of Things with networking fundamentals
Connection to devices and creating a human-centric communication with technology.
Blockchain: Transforming to Decentralized services
Learn to decentralize services and deploy highly effective model for organizing activity.
Java Programming
Java Programming: Comprehensive
Learn all the core concepts of java, including Servlets, Hibernate and Spring, with a mix of theory & practical exercises.
Selenium: Testing and Automaion
Learn advanced techniques to test web applications using the Selenium WebDriver API and related tools.
Tableau: Data Visualization and Analysis
Learn to harness full potential of your data and visualize to predict accurate business trends.

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