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leveraging enterprise
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Build your MNC portfolio

Know your strength & enemy
with ITIL & PMP

Eliminate the Job vs Experience loop

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Robotics Program details

What do you get?

UNLIMITED HOURS of self-paced classes, our curriculum is always updating & evolving with the newest content followed by the industry.

We'll be teaching everything right to the smallest details, starting from the foundation to the enterprise level.

The knowledge, which you can leverage to provide value to the companies.
Yes, it’s not easy and that’s why give us the opportunity to help you out.

You will be working on real research or design projects, which are the actual assignment from the companies.

We will provide some part of our client’s project work to our alumni. This will help to eradicate the classic loop of “Job Vs Experience” and you can simply say yes, when you are asked to produce the legitimate experience for a job with fortune 500 companies.

Who is benefited ? it is a Win Win situation for both of us. We reduce the work base cost for our client work and you earn your career path ahead.

Simply put, build a profile that gets you the job. Earn your experience certificate by working on actual industry-relevant projects.

Money back guarantee, we're so confident that if you don't land a job within 6 months post your successful program completion.
You can ask for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Corporate Framework

Includes ITIL & PMP training, learn corporate-skills along with the technical.

Career Guidance

Follow the best approach. Let most experienced industry experts guide your career.

MNC Ready Profile

Gain industry experience by working on real-projects and receive your experience certificate.

Why opt LearnAlumni's Robotics Engineer Program?

Best of Job hunters
The interest and use of robotic process automation has rapidly increased to support repetitive, labor-intensive and transactional business processes. For many enterprises, robotics has emerged as a best-fit alternative to making huge IT investments in order to make business processes more efficient. This Bootcamp will cover the Foundational knowledge upto the step, where you’ll be comfortable in the concepts and design approach of Enterprise Automation.

Companies can now reimagine systems to empower new human–machine relationships with natural conversation, simple touches, and abundant personalization.

This bootcamp is recommended for every Beginner Robotics and Automation aspirant as it’s exclusively built to embed – a culture of end-to-end ownership, exploration of machine-centric development processes and experimentation.
Build an MNC level portfolio
Robotics and other forms of automation are rapidly being operationalized, required by vast amounts of data now available to organizations. With current era ubiquitous and seemingly limitless computing power, the enterprise automation is gaining ever greater traction across industries.

Boundaries between applications and infrastructure are blurring to the point they’re now indistinguishable.
With this industry shift in mind, this Bootcamp not just only walk you through the Fundamentals of robotics but rather blends that with enterprise automation.
As these two sub-fields continuously morph to meet new market opportunities and challenges, the skill-set adopted though the robotics program will equip you to fill highly niche IT positions.

Meet your trainers

Roger Idrovo

I am an Electrical Engineer with teaching experience of 5+ years, as a laboratory assistant and later as an instructor. He is highly trained in the following fields: IoT, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

Paul Gitau

I am a senior technical professional with extensive knowledge of Industrial Automation domain. Having over 6 years of rich experience to lead and execute all stages of Industrial Automation Projects


Trusted by Thousand of Students

Urvashi Maurya

Very useful course for intermediate levels with excellent level of demonstration and step by step guide. Examples in this course can clarify how really are real world robots work and give you an idea of how to build a simple robotic project with customized setting.

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Asif Shamim

t’s a great course to really understand how to program simple automated stuff. Step by step teaching. I found it important to watch the whole course first then go back to see what you missed. Great instructors, and he is very clear.

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Ashish Mishra

There are very few courses that can not be paid only with ? money. This course is one of them. Teaching style is one thing, but teacher’s personalities is so amazing. Very detailed and practical. I loved this course and instructors.

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Sourabh Pathari

I always wanted a practical implementation of all the theory we learn and the trainers does this really well in this program. It is not just about robots that we are learning but we are getting to know what goes beyond the scenes. I highly recommend this program.

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Samreen Fatma

In my opinion this is one of the best course about the topic. Sometimes it could be hard because you have to search other information in other places in order to really understand everything. The instructors are simply GREAT: they grab your attention every second of the course.

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Nitin Sawaliya

The course was interesting for me as it goes by. Also a refresher for my knowledge in robotics and learning new things in robotics. The course involves practical though i was expecting in depths theories for some topics. Overall, i hope to apply what I have learnt from this course and gain further knowledge.

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Excessive demand means high earning potential
The demand for robotics is increasing as the companies trying to be more agile by leveraging Robotics and Automation. The employers are paying the average minimum salary of $90,000 per annum in the United States to Robotics professionals, and as your experience increase, the average earning potential can go upto 120,000 dollar.
Multi-skill adaptability
Robotics as your expertise, can open doors to good amount of opportunities, from working as a freelancer to the fortune 500 companies.
Role Flexibility

Although there are various positions you will be able to apply post the program completion , but just to name a few like – Robotics technician, Robotics operator, Jr. Automation engineer,  Sales (technical)  Etc.

Kindly follow these guidelines for optimum outcome.
We would recommend you to not “apply” for any jobs until our program is completed to enable you with full capacity before any interviews.

Our programs are designed to develop the strong fundamentals and experience to cater the MNC requirement.
Robotics Program admission criteria

What Do you require?

Just hardwork and be dedicated to the task.
Sure, our learning programs requires some commitment but so does everything else worthy of your precious time. Here at LearnAlumni as we’ve said then and again, that we only believe in outcomes. So we only ask, is for you to be motivated throughout the process and let us take care of the rest.
A Desktop or Laptop (can be any windows or mac).
An internet connection.
Since it’s an online course.

What Do you not require?

Any previous technical experience in Robotics engineering.
You don’t need to have any prior experience in Robotics, however awareness to the usage of the Desktop/PC is required. The good part is that you don’t have to worry about any tools as you will already be provided with the “go to” interface to get started as soon as you are enrolled.
A lot of time
As we understand that most of the students may have other obligations therefore the minimum requirement for the program is 7 hours per week. With that you should be able to keep up with the outcome that we have designed for you in our program.

Robotics Professional Program

The curriculum for this course is regularly updated and is evolving as per the most updated industry requirements and best practices.
  • Installation
  • ROS Graph
  • roscore
  • catkin, Workspaces, and ROS Packages
  • rosrun
  • Names, Namespaces & Remapping
  • roslaunch
  • Tab Key
  • tf: Coordinate Transforms
  • Publishing to a Topic
  • Checking That Everything Works as Expected
  • Subscribing to a Topic
  • Checking That Everything Works as Expected
  • Latched Topics
  • Defining Your Own Message Types
  • Defining a New Message
  • Using Your New Message
  • When Should You Make a New Message Type?
  • Mixing Publishers and Subscribers
  • Defining a Service
  • Service implementation
  • Verification
  • Return Values from a Service (alternate)
  • Usage
  • Verification
  • Methods to Call Services
  • Understanding an Action
  • Basic Action Server
  • Verification
  • Implementing an Action
  • Verification
  • Upgraded Action Server
  • Sub-systems
  • Mobile Platform
  • Manipulator Arm
  • Sensors
  • Computation
  • Complete Robots
  • PR2
  • Fetch
  • Robonaut
  • Turtle-Bot
  • Simulators
  • Stage
  • Gazebo
  • Package Creation
  • Sensor Data
  • Actuation- Wander:bot
  • Exploring Development Pattern
  • Keyboard Driver
  • Motion Generator
  • Parameter Server
  • Velocity Ramps
  • rviz
  • Localization
  • Early Localization
  • Under the hood check
  • Initial Pose optimization
  • ROS Navigation Stack
  • Navigating in rviz
  • Under the hood exploration
  • Code Navigation
  • Kinematic Chains, Links, Joints
  • Optimization tips
  • Deploying Simulated R2
  • Moving R2: Command Line
  • Moving: Chess-board
  • Chess-board modelling
  • Verification
  • Acquiring Images
  • Line Detection
  • Following the Line
  • Simple Patrolling
  • State Machines
  • State Machines with smach
  • Examples
  • Exploring State Machines Procedurally
  • Patrolling with State Machines
  • Improved Patrolling
  • Simulation
  • Bins Driving
  • Item Pickup
  • Sensor addition
  • ROS Wrapper Designing
  • Part 1: Periodic Measurements(Designing) over a Topic
  • Part 2: Streaming Measurements(Designing) over a Topic
  • Part 3: Streaming Measurements(Designing) Published at a Fixed Rate
  • Part 4: Sensor Measurements(Designing) on Demand
  • Actuators addition
  • ROS Wrapper Designing
  • Part 1: Continuous Actuation (Designing)
  • Part 2: Infrequent, Instantaneous Actuation (Designing)
  • Part 3: Infrequent, Extended Actuation (Designing)
  • Tortoise-Bot
  • (ROS) Message Interface
  • Hardware Driver
  • URDF
  • Gazebo Simulation
  • Transforms Verification
  • Laser Sensor Addition
  • Navigation Stack (Configuration)
  • Deploying rviz to Localize & Command the Navigating Robot
  • Cougar-Bot
  • ROS Message Interface
  • Hardware Driver
  • URDF
  • Gazebo Simulation
  • Transforms Verification
  • MoveIt Configuration
  • Deploying rviz to Send Goals
  • Pyttsx
  • Action Interface
  • Parameters
  • Event Loops
  • Speech: (Server)
  • Speech: (Client)
  • Verification
  • Master & Friends- roscore
  • Parameters- rosparam
  • Filesystem (Navigation)- roscd
  • Initiation a Node- rosrun
  • Initiating multiple Nodes- roslaunch
  • Verifying Multi-Node System- rostest
  • Introspection: rosnode, rostopic, rosmsg, rosservice, & rossrv
  • Logs- /rosout and rqt_console
  • Log Generation- /rosout
  • Logger Levels
  • Logs interpreting: rqt_console
  • /rosout_agg Vs /rosout
  • Nodes, Topics, and Connections: rqt_graph and rosnode
  • Graph Visualization- rqt_graph
  • Topic Names Mismatched
  • Topic Types and/or Checksums Mismatched
  • Mismatched Network Settings
  • Sensor Fusion- rviz
  • Plotting Data- rqt_plot
  • Logging Data & Analysis: rosbag & rqt_bag
  • Logging & Playing Back Data: rosbag
  • Bags Visualizing: rqt_bag
  • ROS Bags with Other Tools (Analysis)- rostopic echo -b
  • Etiquette
  • The ROS Wiki
  • ROS Answers
  • Trackers (Bugs and Feature Requests)
  • Mailing Lists and Special Interest Groups
  • Finding and Sharing Code
  • Areas to use C++(or different Language)?
  • Deploying C++ (catkin)
  • Package.xml
  • CMakeLists.txt
  • Catkin_make
  • Python to C++ translation and reverse translation
  • Simple Node
  • Topics
  • Services

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